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ED&I Masterclasses

Inventum's ED&I Masterclasses are interactive learning sessions that deliver insights into varies aspects of ED&I in the workplace.

Our Masterclasses

Introduction to ED&I - a dive into the true meaning of ED&I in the workplace, highlighting the business case for inclusion and the impact of bias on our decision making 

Diversity of Thought - examining why different thinking styles and perspectives are the catalysts for innovation and creativity.

Managing Inclusively - providing leaders and managers with a practical guide to managing inclusively and motivating high-performing diverse teams.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Inclusion - analysing the impact of self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and relationship management on inclusion

Inclusive Communication - how we speak, write and listen with depth fundamentally impacts our ability to communicate inclusively; seeking first to understand, then to be understood 

Neurodiversity@Work - neurodiverse talent are significantly underrepresented in the workplace. Helping organisations attract, hire, support and retain neurodiverse talent

Employee Resource Groups - creating effective ERGs that support and engage talent, influence policy and act as a knowledge hub for the wider organisation 

Allyship - advocating for groups and individuals who are marginalised, diverse and underrepresented. Building relationships based on trust, consistency and accountability