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Who are we?

Inventum Group is a talent consultancy providing inclusive and sustainable people solutions.

We deliver strategic consulting, executive search, and recruitment, helping organisations engage, hire and retain diverse talent to create truly inclusive workplaces.

We are driven by two fundamental beliefs:

Organisations have a moral and ethical responsibility to provide a fair and equitable working environment for all employees, irrespective of an individual’s identity, characteristics or background.
Organisations that embrace inclusion and diversity as a business priority are ultimately more successful than their non-inclusive competitors.

Our mission.

Our mission is to change the world by helping organisations to:
Become more inclusive and diverse.
Be more creative and innovative.
Support employee wellbeing and belonging.
Become more successful.

0ur five principles.

Principles that underpin the way we work, that provide a framework for our conduct and support our mission:
Ambition. We want to change the world; one person and one company at a time
Bravery. We aren’t afraid to try new things and to stand up for what we believe in
Creativity. We seek innovative solutions, and we champion new ideas
Kindness. We care about helping people. As the great Maya Angelou said, "people will forget what you did and what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel"
Inclusion. 'Mi casa es tu casa' - everyone belongs at our house, regardless of identity, characteristic, or background


This is us.

Inventum was born in 2005 – created on the premise of delivering inclusive and diverse people solutions. In Latin, Inventum means ‘discovery’. We discover great talent, and innovative ways of working. If Inventum was a person we’d be non-conformist, have a strong work ethic, a thirst for knowledge, a good sense of humour, and a desire to seek the right solutions whatever it takes.

Collectively, we are a diverse group of experts who share common goals and ambitions. We want to change the world. We want to help organisations understand the value of diversity, and consequently diversity of thought. We believe that different voices, with different lived experiences, should be heard.

From that collective wisdom comes creativity and innovation, the drivers of organisational performance in the digital age. But different voices can only be heard in an organisation that embraces inclusion and fosters a strong sense of belonging for everyone, regardless of background, identity and characteristics.

Our job is to help create a culture of belonging and to identify different voices.