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ED&I Policy

Inventum Group - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


At the very heart of Inventum Group is people – our own people, the candidates we serve, our customers and suppliers. Our aim is to ensure an equality of opportunity for everyone we engage with regardless of background, personal characteristics, and beliefs, and to treat everyone with respect, empathy and kindness. We also recognise and celebrate the fact that organisations that embrace equity, diversity and inclusion as a business priority are ultimately more successful than their non-inclusive competitors. Success drives our ability to continue working with purpose and positively impacting the people who are connected to Inventum.

What ED&I means to Inventum

  • Equity: The fair treatment, access to opportunity, and advancement for all, while eliminating barriers that have prevented some people's full participation.

  • Diversity: All the ways in which people differ, encompassing the characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.

  • Inclusion: The act of creating a work environment where everyone is welcomed, respected, supported, and valued regardless of their characteristics. 

Scope of Policy

Our ED&I policy applies to the management and all employees of Inventum Group Limited, any associates who work with us delivering services to our clients and any affiliated companies in which Inventum Group Limited may have a shareholding.


Inventum Group is an equal opportunities employer and will always comply with all legislation in the geographical locations of our offices, and the locations in which we provide services. We will never discriminate against staff, candidates, clients, suppliers or any other individual or group who come to have dealings with our organisation. Specifically, we will comply with the protected characteristics outlined within the UK Equalities Act 2010, as we are a UK registered organisation.

Any employee or associate or affiliate who does not confirm to the ethos of this policy or is in violation of any laws in the territory in which they work may be liable to disciplinary action, as directed by our nominated Director of ED&I, Adam Tobias.

The board of Inventum Group will not tolerate any form of discrimination, whether about a ‘protected characteristic’ or otherwise, nor any form of bullying or harassment. The board encourage any individual or group who feels that there has been a breach of this policy, material or otherwise, to report it immediately to the Director of ED&I who will take appropriate measures to investigate, and if necessary, instigate disciplinary procedures.

ED&I Mission & Aims

Inventum Group’s ED&I mission is simple:

We want to change the world, one person and one company at a time.

Our aims relate to how ED&I directly impacts our business through 5 key themes:

  • Leadership

  • Policy & Process

  • Talent

  • Learning & Development

  • Continual Improvement


Our management and leadership team receive regularly inclusive leadership training – this means they appreciate and value different characteristics, voices, and ideas, with a focus on removing opinion from authority. Our leaders understand how and why ED&I is a business imperative, and the importance of being ambassadors for our staff, our business, and the wider community in which they operate. Our leaders champion the diversity of our teams, and the candidates we represent. Further, as an organisation we provide Inclusive Leadership Training to a wide range of customers.

Policy & Process

Inventum has implemented inclusive policies and processes across our organisation. These range from how we engage and attract talent, how we appraise and review talent, how we interview talent, how we represent talent and how we build our community of talent over the long term. It also relates to our own HR policy and how we attract our own staff. We provide a wide range of benefits that support the inclusion, wellbeing and belonging of our own staff including employee assistance programs, industry leading parental support, flexible working arrangements, coaching, healthcare, and monthly wellbeing allowances.


Our aim as a business is to be representative of the communities in which we operate in terms of our own staff, the candidates we represent and the consultancy we provide to clients. We value different experiences and different perspectives highly. We are proud of the diversity of our own team and our leadership; however, we also recognise that we can and must do better, and that striving for true diversity and inclusion is an on-going journey that requires work, investment, and innovation. We will always seek diverse and underrepresented talent to ensure shortlists for our own roles are representative. We will also take positive action where appropriate to reach talent that is underrepresented and to provide opportunity for those individuals and groups who might not otherwise have equal opportunities.

Learning & Development

Learning and development of our staff and our leadership is a core aspect of our ED&I policy. We want to provide our people with knowledge and expertise so they can carry our ED&I mission forward; to change the world one person and one company at a time.

All staff receive our Inclusive Recruiter training, and we provide monthly companywide ED&I training on a wide variety of topics, which include:

  • Inclusive interviewing

  • Overcoming bias in the recruitment process

  • Allyship and active bystander

  • Inclusive communications

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Resilience

  • Inclusive management

  • Neurodiversity at work

In addition, we provide a budget for staff to identify and invest in further related training that is of particular interest, and supports their own ED&I related aims. Succession planning and career progression is also a key focus for Inventum Group, and we recognise that additional support might be required for staff from diverse and underrepresented groups. 

Continual Improvement

We monitor the diversity of our own staff and candidate applicants to our recruitment business (in line with relevant legislation). All data collected is held anonymously as a data set and is subject to GDPR legislation. We never attach diversity-related data to candidate or staff files. We review this data set on an on-going basis, seeking to identify patterns and trends to assess the effectiveness of our policies and inform improvements to address any gaps or opportunities. We also continually review our policies and procedures and seek the latest best practices from across the globe and from different industries to identify opportunities to improve.

Supply Chain

Inventum Group seeks diversity in its supply chain. When reviewing existing or new supplier relationships, Inventum Group will seek suppliers who have ED&I-related aims, ambitions and values that match or support our own. When tendering for new services, Inventum Group requires that businesses owned by diverse or underrepresented individuals are included in any tendering process.


Our ED&I policy, and how it impacts our business, is the responsibility of the board of Inventum Group, and in particular the Director of ED&I (Adam Tobias) who is a board member and who has direct oversight of how this policy is implemented across our business lines.