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External Consultants

Inventum Associates.

At Inventum Group, we work with an incredible group of associates who support us in delivering consultancy services to our client. Our philosophy is to work with the very best talent in their fields, to ensure that our clients receive a world-class service from experts who understand their specific needs, challenges and opportunities.

Meet our Associates below:

Sarah Burrell

Sarah is an inclusion consultant, specialising in curation of inclusive strategy, inclusive leadership, and cultural transformation. She supports leaders and organisations with the tools, awareness, knowledge, and insight needed to implement effective, inclusive processes and can shape a strategy to transform organisational culture that truly embraces difference.

Sarah is passionate about imparting soft skills to develop inclusive strategic frameworks designed to build a sustainable system capable of true inclusive growth. She explores topics such as psychological safety and cultural development in a pragmatic way, as tools to support cultural transformation. Sarah promotes learning and development in the flow of work and providing bespoke, innovative solutions such as utilising smart, assistive technology in a mindful way, reflective of your unique organisational values customisable to provide an automated system to keep track of Key Performance Indicators.

Jo Olsen

Jo specialises in enabling leaders and rising executives to fulfil their potential and move from good to great in all aspects of their work. Having spent 20+ years in People and Talent Development, and holding board level positions for over a decade, Jo is a seasoned talent specialist experienced in creating high performance cultures, so individuals can thrive and perform at their best.

Jo’s coaching work empowers clients to increase their influence and impact, and unlock their potential, leading to greater fulfilment and successful outcomes in the workplace. Jo is accredited with the Coaching Training Institute (CTI CoActive) which is widely regarded at the most rigorous coaching training programme in the world, and she is an active member of the International Coach Federation.

Gillian Wharton

Gillian specialises in the creation and delivery of inclusive learning and development opportunities. Gillian uses the pronouns she/her. As a black woman working in Learning and Development for over 20 years, she has personal understanding and experience of the microaggressions and tokenism that underrepresented groups experience. Gillian uses her experience to role model inclusive behaviours with clients and students she works with.

Gillian is passionate about seeing people as more than their protected characteristics. She shares her passion for inclusion working with senior leaders on their talent, succession and learning and development interventions to realise the full potential of their diverse people. Gillian creates a safe and secure environment to explore the learning and development needs those leaders and their employees have on inclusion. Allowing space to explore the fears and anxieties associated with this topic. Leading to greater understanding and a more productive and inclusive workplace.

Mary Naish

​Mary is a resilience and wellness consultant, with experience in designing effective programmes for individuals and corporate clients. Mary is qualified as a fitness, massage and Pilates instructor, and has a BSc in Physiotherapy. Mary is also qualified with Harvard Medical School’s Stress Management and Resiliency programme.

Mary utilises her academic and practical experiences, combined with a lifelong love of health, fitness and of personal growth work, to inform her experiential approach to wellbeing. Mary works with executives, leaders and corporate clients such as Carphone Warehouse and Saachi & Saachi to implement lasting interventions and wellbeing strategies.​

Dr Helen Carter

Dr Helen Carter is an organisational psychologist and coac whose career spans working with a wide range of private, public and voluntary and community sector organisations including the likes of Sainsbury’s, Sky, NatWest, British Red Cross, Virgin Media, Leonard Cheshire and others.

Passionate about inclusion and equity for all, Helen supports businesses, individuals and communities to align their purpose and values with excellence in engagement and ESG alongside diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging strategies and interventions. Her expertise derives from extensive academic research, practical delivery, and her own lived experiences.

Terrence Parris

​Terence Parris is an internationally renowned brand and diversity consultant. He extensive experience building programs within the sports and lifestyle sectors. Terrence has worked with some of the most prominent brands in the world, including Apple, the United Nations, AC Milan and Puma, where he was a senior marketing leader.

Terence is an expert on inclusive branding, communications and engaging with audiences through compelling and meaningful activations. Terence writes regularly and is featured in numerous publications.​

We spoke to one of our incredibly talented associates, Terence Parris, on our popular podcast Inclusion@Work, listen to the episode below: