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Nefino Joannides

Meet Nefino.

Managing Director,
Finance & Core Functions
London office

t: +44 (0)20 3008 4370
What'sApp: +44(0)7822 002852

​A bit about me:

I have close on twenty years’ experience in recruitment, covering mainly Finance and within the financial services sector. I have managed businesses and teams across various core sectors and currently oversee Finance, Compliance, Risk, Operations and Projects.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my two kids who have a strong passion for football and horse riding respectively, along with trying to keep fit and have an active lifestyle myself. 

What ED&I means to me:

Equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion are so important, especially when you consider the experiences of those that are most marginalised and oppressed. Working at Inventum we have a real chance to make a difference here by educating our clients and introducing more of our candidates from diverse backgrounds. It feels good to be part of a company that actually makes a difference every week and where I have direct impact to this change is something I’m very proud of.