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Phil Dewhurst

Meet Phil.

Associate Director, Finance recruitment
London office

t: 020 3008 4381
m: 07595 590718

A bit about me:

I started my adult life as a professional musician, travelling the world with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I performed across hundreds of different countries in different concert venues with various artists, and met some wonderful people along the way. As fun as it was, it was a very tough lifestyle, so eventually I decided that I wanted stability in my career and met with a few recruitment companies. I began my recruitment career in 2015 with Robert Half and focused on the interim Finance & Accounting division, specialising in the public sector, before moving to LMA to join Russell and Nefino and spearhead the interim finance division there – after a very successful few years, I then moved up North to be closer to family and subsequently moved jobs again, before finally settling in Scotland and working back with Nefino and Russell at Inventum – a full ‘round-the-world’ tour you might say!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our 1-year-old son and exploring new places in woodlands around Scotland with our dog, Holly.

What ED&I means to me:

I’m hugely passionate about ED&I - I think it’s critical for everyone to have the same opportunities in life, no matter what your background is. Individually, everyone should be able to have a voice and an opinion, and more importantly vocalise their thoughts and creativity so that they can work as part of a team and Inventum support this to no end. Being part of Inventum, I see every day through my colleagues that we truly strive to deliver diverse shortlists, offering a wide variety of specialist skillsets but from completely varied backgrounds. It’s what pushes us to help those find roles that perhaps they wouldn’t have found without our help and this is something that I can finish my week proud knowing we have done everything we can to not only support our clients and candidates, but also do some good and play our part in supporting others.