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Workshop Activations

A series of thought-provoking and engaging workshop activations, introducing key diversity and inclusion concepts to initiate systematic behavioural change.

​Our crafted workshop activations can be delivered online or in person, as either focussed 1-hour sessions or extended half day sessions. Recent activations include:

Introduction to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Why, what, and how – we examine the purpose of workplace inclusion and workforce diversity and how to utilise inclusion to develop a high-performance culture.

Emotional Intelligence & Inclusion

EQ is the bedrock of inclusion. We examine how to develop your emotional intelligence in the workplace.

The Science of Bias

Bias training gets a lot of bad press because most training fails to explain the role of bias in the human condition. We examine why bias occurs and how to start thinking differently

Inclusion & Diversity for Recruiters

Recruiters are often at the front line of the drive for greater diversity. We provide practical inclusive recruitment skills and methodology.

Listening Inclusively with Depth

This workshop provides practical listening skills to help improve employee wellbeing, organisational innovation and company performance.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Having important conversations about inclusion and diversity is a challenge for many, but we need to start talking.

Empathy & Inclusion

Empathy is a very powerful skill in any organisational context. We consider how to start developing your empathy to drive inclusion.

Neurodiversity @ Work

Neurodiverse individuals (with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia for example) can have some incredible workplace superpowers – organisations need to understand how to hire, support, manage and retain this talent.