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Inventum for Azur Underwriting

The Scenario:

Azur Underwriting is an insurtech business founded in 2016, providing multi-platform insurance and technology to improve the insurance experience for consumers and brokers. Azur is based in London and has 70 staff.

Inclusion has always been very important to Azur, and Inventum had been providing underrepresented talent to Azur, through our inclusive recruiting division, since their inception.

Now Azur wanted to ensure their team was continuing to develop their knowledge and understanding of what makes for an inclusive workplace culture.

The Solution:

Inventum designed and delivered a series of interactive workshops to the entire Azur team, that focused on Emotional Intelligence and its link to Inclusion.

The workshops covered:

  • Understanding the connection between EQ and Inclusion.

  • A deep dive into what makes an Emotionally Intelligent team member.

  • Role playing and group activities to enhance learning.

  • An EQ toolkit and roadmap to encourage self-learning and EQ development.

The Outcome:

  • Azur reported that the workshops were instantly effective, and feedback scores were exceptionally high.

  • Leaders indicated that the learning outcomes were being practiced regularly by team members and that organisational culture had seen a noticeable shift in attitudes and behaviours.