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If you could work from anywhere in August, where would you choose?

As August approaches, Inventum is once again gearing up for "Work from Anywhere" month. This initiative, born out of our commitment to flexibility and work-life balance, has become a cornerstone of our company culture.

The beauty of it lies in its universal appeal, as it allows each member of our team a healthy work life balance, in a completely unique way. Whether it's allowing Vakis to cherish precious moments with his newborn beyond any 2 weeks paternity rule, enabling Callum to explore the world without sacrificing work, or giving Heather the serene joy of working by the seaside, this initiative caters to everyone’s diverse needs and desires, which is one of our core values at Inventum Group.

We want to share some stories from our team members who have experienced its benefits firsthand.

Vaki Zeniou:

For Vakis, last year's remote August was a lifesaver. "I was in the process of moving home, and being able to work remotely took a huge weight oN my shoulders," he recalls. This year, the timing is even more precious. "I'm oNicially putting on my 'Daddy shirt' this August," he beams. The flexibility to work from anywhere means Vakis can be there for those early, irreplaceable moments with his newborn.

Callum Amos:

Recruitment is very hands on, you get out what you put in and taking time off work can sometimes be a little more daunting than its supposed to be. "Working remotely means I can travel without having to take a holiday," he says. Last year, he explored new places and cultures, all while staying productive. "The trust and flexibility from Inventum is incredible. It allows me to see the world and still perform at my best." Callum values the freedom to enjoy summer with family and friends while staying on top of his pipeline, clients and candidates. "It’s a unique benefit that definitely boosts my happiness and retention with the company," he notes. "Freedom and mutual respect go a long way."

Adam Tobias:

For Adam, "Work from Anywhere August" is about more than just being in a different location, in fact, he spent the majority of his august in the exact same location he has throughout the year but with a significantly bigger impact. "Being able to spend more time with my kids during their summer holidays, without any pressure of childcare or missing out on their summer, all whilst supporting our clients fully is a dream," he shares. The ability to balance work and family time has brought him immense joy and satisfaction. "It’s something I cherish deeply". His story resonates with many parents who juggle work and family life, highlighting the importance of flexibility in modern work culture.

Heather Lawson:

"Sitting on the beach, watching the sun go down from my Airbnb, was pure joy," she recalls. "Compared to being in my one-bedroom flat in South East London, it was the perfect benefit for me." Heather’s August is a reminder of how a change of scenery can rejuvenate the soul and enhance creativity.

Nefino Joannides:

Nefino’s story highlights the broader impact of remote work. "This is the post I made when working from Cyprus last August received a significant amount of traction. "The engagement was incredible which proves that it’s something that everyone should be offering. I had breakfast with my aging parents and a swim in the med all before I started my workday”. Working from a beautiful location not only boosted his morale but also allowed him time with family.

Ben Jeffries:

Spending time with family is a happiness given, but for Ben, "Work from Anywhere August" is a chance to indulge in his passion for golf. "It gives me a great opportunity to brush up on my golf skills on the course before and after work," he says. "And working by the seaside is a bonus." Ben’s story underscores the importance of having hobbies and things that fill your cup outside of work, recruitment is no doubt exciting and rewarding, but this comes with a level of demand, being given the freedom, trust and the time to do the things that make us happier lends a lot more weight on having productive employees.

Russell Thompson:

Russell our Co-founder spoke about how far workplace culture has come. "Five years ago, I would never have imagined something like this happening," he says. "But our 'Work from Anywhere in August' has been a phenomenal success, and our team love it." He believes that the culture of trust and respect at Inventum boosts productivity and morale. "offering this benefit shows that we value our people’s well-being," he adds, proud of the company’s forward-thinking approach.

The Bigger Picture:

These personal accounts from the Inventum team illustrate the profound and varied impacts of flexible work arrangements. In a post-COVID world, the ability to work from anywhere is not just a perk; it's a fundamental shift towards a more balanced, inclusive, and fulfilling work life. At Inventum, we believe that when our employees are happy and respected, they perform at their best, driving the company forward.

This poses the question - if you could work from anywhere in August, where would you choose?