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Is The Bbc Missing The Mark On Diversity? A Debate On Inclusion Vs

Is the BBC Missing the Mark on Diversity? A Debate on Inclusion vs. Education.

​The BBC is under scrutiny for its directive instructing staff not to hire candidates perceived as "dismissive" of diversity and inclusion. While their commitment to an inclusive workplace is evide...

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Here's how to support individuals who have a disability in your workplace

Supporting individuals in the workplace who have a disability is crucial for creating an inclusive and accessible work environment. Inventum Group is a Disability Confident Employer and I have help...

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The benefits of having an ED&I focused environment and how it has benefitted the recruitment of finance personnel

​ED&I, or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, has had a significant impact on the recruitment of finance personnel. Here are some ways in which ED&I has impacted and benefitted the recruitment of f...

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5 ways to alter your interview process for neurodiverse candidates

​Do you place more value on an interviewee who looks you in the eye and gives a firm handshake? Unfortunately, a traditional interview process is not designed with neurodiversity in mind, meaning t...

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Why 'I just want the best candidate for the job' is losing you the war for talent.

“Diversity is great, but I just want the best candidate for the job”As a recruiter or head-hunter, how do you respond when a client says something along the lines of: “diverse and underrepresented ...

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