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Is diversity just difference?

I think a lot about what diversity means from an organisational perspective…So often, the word 'diversity' in the workplace is pigeonholed; reflecting one of the 9 protected characteristics outline...

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Emotional Intelligence and its role in Diversity & Inclusion

I am often asked what the best way to start building an engaged, inclusive and diverse team is. And whilst there are many answers to that question. I always start with asking two questions back...‘...

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Catching up and keeping up - Social Mobility within Diversity & Inclusion

Any ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ spirit shown publicly by organisations, is likely to be twinned with a less-seen, struggle to truly embed said culture into fabric, on a permanent basis. Diversity & I...

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Diversity of Thought - How can organisations harness its power?

Diversity is a big topic, and it’s hot for all the right reasons.The subject is very high on the agenda for all forward-thinking business leaders, and I would be concerned if I was working at a com...

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