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Are Diversity & Inclusion graduate schemes in law firms just for show?

​(I don’t want any of those CV’s!)An article on Legal Cheek in March this year highlighted research by Dr Louise Ashley, a researcher in diversity and inclusion from Queen Mary University, London,...

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Age Discrimination in the Multigenerational Workforce

​When Generation Alphas (those born from 2010) start joining the workforce some time around 2026, we will see five generations working together in the UK for the first time in modern history.This m...

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The benefits of having an ED&I focused environment and how it has benefitted the recruitment of finance personnel

​ED&I, or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, has had a significant impact on the recruitment of finance personnel. Here are some ways in which ED&I has impacted and benefitted the recruitment of f...

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ED&I: "Recruiters have a HUGE part to play"

​Over the course of the last 18 months, Inventum have trained hundreds of recruiters on how to become an 'Inclusive Recruiter'. And over this time, it has become more and more evident the huge part...

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​How investment in the renewable energy sector is helping the recruitment market and playing a significant role in helping the UK's economic climate.

The renewable energy market in 2022 saw a significant investment in the UK & Europe due to international carbon commitments. This has led to many infrastructure and private investment funds develop...

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