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5 Ways You Can Support Your Employees During Ramadan

As we approach the holy month of Ramadan, it's crucial for companies to recognise and accommodate the needs of employees who observe this significant period of fasting, reflection, and spiritual de...

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I work for an organisation founded by 3 men – how do I feel about that?

​So here I am nearing International Women’s Day, with over 30 years recruitment experience under my belt, working for an organisation founded by 3 men – how do I feel about that?I have been asked t...

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Is The Bbc Missing The Mark On Diversity? A Debate On Inclusion Vs

Is the BBC Missing the Mark on Diversity? A Debate on Inclusion vs. Education.

​The BBC is under scrutiny for its directive instructing staff not to hire candidates perceived as "dismissive" of diversity and inclusion. While their commitment to an inclusive workplace is evide...

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Here's how to support individuals who have a disability in your workplace

Supporting individuals in the workplace who have a disability is crucial for creating an inclusive and accessible work environment. Inventum Group is a Disability Confident Employer and I have help...

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Are Diversity & Inclusion graduate schemes in law firms just for show?

​(I don’t want any of those CV’s!)An article on Legal Cheek in March this year highlighted research by Dr Louise Ashley, a researcher in diversity and inclusion from Queen Mary University, London,...

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Age Discrimination in the Multigenerational Workforce

​When Generation Alphas (those born from 2010) start joining the workforce some time around 2026, we will see five generations working together in the UK for the first time in modern history.This m...

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ED&I: "Recruiters have a HUGE part to play"

​Over the course of the last 18 months, Inventum have trained hundreds of recruiters on how to become an 'Inclusive Recruiter'. And over this time, it has become more and more evident the huge part...

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The benefits of having an ED&I focused environment and how it has benefitted the recruitment of finance personnel

​ED&I, or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, has had a significant impact on the recruitment of finance personnel. Here are some ways in which ED&I has impacted and benefitted the recruitment of f...

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The growing power of Conscious Leadership

As we kick off the new year, I’ve been thinking about one of the major subjects I am passionate about, which we also see as a game-changing opportunity for our clients: Conscious Leadership.What I ...

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The Interview Is Dead

The Interview is Dead

​Or at least, it should be. Whilst all other business processes innovate at pace, the way we recruit talent is beyond antiquated. It’s ironic that the way we acquire our most important assets (our...

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Do you easily give your socioeconomic status away?

​If we were to tell you that you can accurately assess a stranger’s socioeconomic status based on brief speech patterns, would you believe us? A Yale study concluded that this is, in fact, true. Yo...

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5 ways to alter your interview process for neurodiverse candidates

​Do you place more value on an interviewee who looks you in the eye and gives a firm handshake? Unfortunately, a traditional interview process is not designed with neurodiversity in mind, meaning t...

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: growth in stats.

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but back in 2019 around 76% of working-aged people in England, Scotland and Wales were employed, of those employed, 87% of them were white, with only 13% co...

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Why 'I just want the best candidate for the job' is losing you the war for talent.

“Diversity is great, but I just want the best candidate for the job”As a recruiter or head-hunter, how do you respond when a client says something along the lines of: “diverse and underrepresented ...

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Introducing Inventum Group x APSCo partnership!

​Inventum Group is delighted to partner with APSCo, the global staffing industry representative body, on the provision of ED&I training courses specifically designed for recruiters. Inventum is the...

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WHITE MEN ARE not THE ENEMY.... Diversity is not about replacing one power with another

​I have had this topic in mind for many years now, and felt the time is right to ‘put pen to paper’, especially when you hear now that straight white men feel that they are becoming ‘the victims’. ...

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The Conflict between Inclusion & Empathy

Great leaders possess empathy.In our work supporting organisations to develop a culture of inclusion, we spend a lot of time working with leaders who act as the main sponsor of their organisations ...

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Are you supporting the Mental Health of Black people in your business?

Would it come as a surprise if you were told that Black women are more likely than white women to experience a common mental illness? Would it shock you if you were informed that Black men in the U...

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Equity Diversity and Inclusion Glossary

​Equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is now, finally, recognised as a critical aspect of an organisation’s culture, performance, and people strategy, regardless of size, scope, and sec...

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Do we really care about diversity and inclusion, or is it just a buzzword?

​I recently did a poll on LinkedIn where a massive 75% of people said that a company’s stance on Diversity and Inclusion is an essential factor when seeking a new role (no surprises). However, sinc...

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