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​How investment in the renewable energy sector is helping the recruitment market and playing a significant role in helping the UK's economic climate.

The renewable energy market in 2022 saw a significant investment in the UK & Europe due to international carbon commitments. This has led to many infrastructure and private investment funds develop...

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The growing power of Conscious Leadership

As we kick off the new year, I’ve been thinking about one of the major subjects I am passionate about, which we also see as a game-changing opportunity for our clients: Conscious Leadership.What I ...

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The Interview Is Dead

The Interview is Dead

​Or at least, it should be. Whilst all other business processes innovate at pace, the way we recruit talent is beyond antiquated. It’s ironic that the way we acquire our most important assets (our...

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Do you easily give your socioeconomic status away?

​If we were to tell you that you can accurately assess a stranger’s socioeconomic status based on brief speech patterns, would you believe us? A Yale study concluded that this is, in fact, true. Yo...

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: growth in stats.

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but back in 2019 around 76% of working-aged people in England, Scotland and Wales were employed, of those employed, 87% of them were white, with only 13% co...

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